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Poll No. 64 Topic: Do you believe that in the recent bus rape incident, Mr. Arvind Kejriwal’s Aam Aadmi Party is doing a wrong thing, by protesting outside Mrs. Sonia Gandhi’s house and unnecessarily giving a political colour, to what was an otherwise, spontaneous and non political protest by the citizens of Delhi.
Start Date 22-12-2012 Close Date 24-12-2012 Total Comments 9
Answers Winner No. of Votes Winner's Justification
No anukrity 42 Aam Admi also read between the lines, knows that power lies where. Since Sonia is Chairperson of UPA & in power.Color of India is faded by this crime
Yes Ambrose Pinto 43 His party has just begun. He needs causes to popularise the party. The incident gives his party a visibility

Poll No. 63 Topic: Do you believe that Mr. Narendra Modi’s margin of victory is impressive
Start Date 21-12-2012 Close Date 23-12-2012 Total Comments 19
Answers Winner No. of Votes Winner's Justification
No ashokrao 2 Although the party won, the margin could have been much better than the last two elections. Few defections in North Gujarat has reduced the margin.
Can\'t Say drakpll 33 In democracy, not margins but numbers affect. Nos in Modi favor.Impressing & not largely depends on present political scenario & future developments.
Yes anukrity 41 Victory is victory and despite of all games played by CBI,Congress& Colleagues(GPP) ,he made Hat-trick against double anti-incumbent factor!

Poll No. 62 Topic: Are you surprised by Mr. Arvind Kejriwal’s recent absence from the media including his silence on the recent rape incident
Start Date 20-12-2012 Close Date 22-12-2012 Total Comments 15
Answers Winner No. of Votes Winner's Justification
No amit 3 Just exposing or criticizing people cannot keep you in the limelight forever.
Yes gautham 8 He could have gained political mileage if he could have protested against delhi govt carelessness in providing safety and security to its people.

Poll No. 61 Topic: Do you believe that hanging all rapists is the best solution to reduce, if not prevent future rapes
Start Date 19-12-2012 Close Date 21-12-2012 Total Comments 19
Answers Winner No. of Votes Winner's Justification
Yes amit 6 Each hanging at least eliminates one known rapist forever.
No ashokrao 31 Hanging will ease their punishment. Castration will ensure that a life long shame and they will never be able to get married or be in a relationship.
Can\'t Say drakpll 48 This heinous act to be tackled in totality 1:Quick reporting 2:Support of society & Family 3:Self discipline 4:Fast track Trial 5:Stringent Penality

Poll No. 60 Topic: Do you believe that in the recent bus rape incident, those citizens of Delhi, who would have probably noticed that something wrong was happening in the bus and did nothing to stop it, have more to answer for, than the Police or the Chief Minister of Delhi.
Start Date 18-12-2012 Close Date 20-12-2012 Total Comments 19
Answers Winner No. of Votes Winner's Justification
No amit 5 Often even the victims finally yield to various pressures and do not pursue the matter, letting down others, who had come to their help
Yes Ambrose Pinto 17 It is sad that Indians are selfish and not concerned about others. We have no social responsibility. Is it fear or apathy that made them not to act?
Can\'t Say drakpll 48 It's failure of system comprising of Public,Police,Policies,Practices,Print & electronic media.Strict legal & social punishment,self-chk is required

Poll No. 59 Topic: Do you believe that the Government of India should stop the free access to the Indian media, which it is presently allowing to visiting Pakistani politicians and bureaucrats like Mr. Rehman Malik.
Start Date 17-12-2012 Close Date 19-12-2012 Total Comments 17
Answers Winner No. of Votes Winner's Justification
No ashokrao 11 Gagging the media would tantamount to a breach in the Constitution which gives everyone the fundamental right to freedom of speech and expression.
Can\'t Say Jose Chandy 22 Because it is not known whether Pakistan is allowing the same freedom to Indians visiting Pakistan.
Yes amit 36 Because they get a good chance (which they do not miss) to often make provocative and unsubstantiated statement against India.

Poll No. 57 Topic: Do you believe that if Mr. Narendra Modi is successful in the Gujarat elections, his chances of being the next Prime Minister will improve substantially.
Start Date 15-12-2012 Close Date 17-12-2012 Total Comments 18
Answers Winner No. of Votes Winner's Justification
Yes amit 7 Whether you like it or not, as of today, he is the most charismatic leader of the BJP.
No ashokrao 15 Mr. Modi is best suited in Gujarat. Although, he carries the charisma, he has a long way to go to prove himself as a PM candidate.
Can\'t Say ksrao.hort 23 I agree that Modi can win and take the Gujarat into a Global Presence, but he belong to BJP means, majority States shall vote BJP. then its possible.

Poll No. 54 Topic: Do you believe that the permission granted by the Supreme Court will result in an impartial probe by the CBI against Mr. Mulayam Singh Yadav and Mr. Akhilesh Yadav.
Start Date 14-12-2012 Close Date 16-12-2012 Total Comments 12
Answers Winner No. of Votes Winner's Justification
Yes amit 10 There still are some officers in the CBI who will do their job without fear of favour.
No ashokrao 16 How come cases against Mayawati is now being put aside. Simply because she voted for the ruling party in FDI bill and Mulayam abstained from it?
Can\'t Say dhirendra 20 After Mr. A. Raja spending time in jail, an impartial investigation need not be ruled out.

Poll No. 53 Topic: Do you believe that the UPA Government will somehow pass the Reservation on Promotions Bill, just as it was successful in winning the FDI vote, in both houses of parliament?
Start Date 13-12-2012 Close Date 15-12-2012 Total Comments 10
Answers Winner No. of Votes Winner's Justification
Yes amit 1 Ms. Mayawati needs to be rewarded by the UPA.
No dhirendra 13 Many party’s have their own compulsions to vote against the bill.
Can\'t Say drakpll 17 As the discussion and opportunity are open, UPA is assessing again bargaining powers of SP & BSP, by putting CBI against SP and cordiality with BSP

Poll No. 51 Topic: Do you believe that the lobbying issue is reason enough to stall proceedings in parliament?
Start Date 12-12-2012 Close Date 14-12-2012 Total Comments 15
Answers Winner No. of Votes Winner's Justification
Yes amit 1 Opposition pressure is sometimes necessary for democracy to function well.
No ashokrao 25 If proceedings in parliament is being halted at the drop of the hat for multifarious reasons, then what happens to pending policies to be implemented.

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Do you believe that the smart cities project announced by the central government will be a success.
Vigneshwaran3010432 : Yes ,,, I believe it . but the state government should work for it for getting the perfect success
Do you believe Mr. Kejriwal’s allegation that, the Modi government is being vengeful against the people and the government of Delhi, for defeating the BJP in the Delhi polls; is true.
koshyk1 : Yes
Kamlesh Shrivastva : Yes, agree with Mr Kejariwal.
Do you believe that the Prime Minister while abroad was justified in saying that earlier there were many Indians who felt ashamed to be Indians.
srinivasan rajarathinam: I entirely agree with the views of our PM , Mr. Damodara Narendra Modi .Any newcomer to US is lured by their high standard and posh living.Later on if he is a true Indian , he feels sorry that he has landed in a bhogha Bhoomi as compared to our India which is mainly a Karma Bhoomi . I agree with the views expressed by our Indian PM.
Do you believe that the way the government has dealt with the matter of offloading the Greenpeace activist Ms. Priya Pillai from a London flight is in order.

alkhaleejest: No
Do you believe that the government's proposal to remove tolls for highways and substitute it with a fuel cess and one time payments by vehicle owners is a step in the right direction
ishaq shakir: Yes
Do you believe that Prime Minister Mr. Modi has done the right thing by insisting on doing away with the bullet proof shield for his Independence day speech.
avranexports1952: No,he is now our nations head,must follow security norms,commen man understands this
Do you believe that the death penalty for the three accused in the Shakti Mills rape is in order.
Gurpreet Kukreja: Yes Its a perfect order but still have to watch they hang them or not as I think there will be no further appeal opportunity is to be given to such type of persons.
Do you believe that the Election Commission should ban candidates from simultaneously contesting elections from more than one constituency.
Tara Saxena: I think they should not fight from more than 1 constituency. It shows their lack of confidence.
Do you believe that the Supreme Court’s directive to complete the trial of MPs and MLAs within one year, needs to be extended to all citizens of India..
Ravichandra: May not be. But early completion always help the victimised
Do you believe that Mr. Kejriwals protest was a success.
VINAY sharma : no
Manish Kumar : no. it was totally drama
mbbs point : yes .ak is my hero
Do you believe that Mr. Kejriwal and the Aam Aadmi Party's ongoing protests in Delhi are in order.
sanjay kumar : No they are not doing right thing. They are making people fool. sksingh