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Poll No. 76 Topic: Do you believe that the Supreme Court’s approval of the Gujarat governor’s decision to appoint to Justice R. A. Mehta as Lokayukta of Gujarat is a blow to Mr. Narendra Modi.
Start Date 03-01-2013 Close Date 05-01-2013 Total Comments 13
Answers Winner No. of Votes Winner's Justification
No anukrity 7 Appointment of any judge as Lokayukta of the state is a welcome step,it was just the manner in which the Governer misjudged her role that created rift
Can\'t Say Ambrose Pinto 14 Every shrewd politician turns adversity into an opportunity. Modi knows the game better than most other politicians.
Yes amit 21 There must be some reasons why Mr. Modi did not want Mr. Shah, now whether Mr. Modi likes it or not, he will be watched by Mr. Shah.

Poll No. 75 Topic: Do you believe that the almost four times increase in annual fees and monthly fees proposed by the Kendriya Vidyalaya is reasonable.
Start Date 02-01-2013 Close Date 03-01-2013 Total Comments 10
Answers Winner No. of Votes Winner's Justification
Can\'t Say drakpll 7 Good,If required for geographical expansions & to increase quality education and not for bureaucratic empowerment. Any way gradual increase is a must
Yes anukrity 18 It is imp to sustain & strengthen KVs for the good they contribute to edu. & society as a whole.This step shall ensure salary hikes& better facilities
No Ambrose Pinto 26 Education is a social good. To "include the excluded", it should be offered free. Education cannot be commercialised.

Poll No. 74 Topic: Do you believe that the ongoing protests against the rape and death of “Amanat” will soon end in a special session of parliament being called to enact stricter rape laws.
Start Date 01-01-2013 Close Date 02-01-2013 Total Comments 8
Answers Winner No. of Votes Winner's Justification
Can\'t Say drakpll 7 Its a challenging situation, people has to self refine (mind set change) as ongoing process & Govt to comply with commitments made for stricter laws
No Ambrose Pinto 12 Calling for a parliament session is a gimmick, a game that is played on the nation. The leaders are nor concerned about justice to women.
Yes dhirendra 35 And that will be a game changer in Indian politics.

Poll No. 73 Topic: Do you believe that New Year should be celebrated only as per the local calendars of each country, state or region and not on 1st January at all places.
Start Date 31-12-2012 Close Date 02-01-2013 Total Comments 10
Answers Winner No. of Votes Winner's Justification
Can\'t Say anukrity 14 Both ways are justified as one contributes to preserving your own culture & heritage & the other to oneness of world(VASUDHEV KUTUMBKAM) !!
Yes drakpll 21 Its not merely a day,e.g NAV-VARSH srats frm Chaitra in India and at all places is being celebrated 14/15/16 of April in synchronization with culture.
Can\'t Say Ambrose Pinto 36 The choice is of individuals and communities. One can be local and yet global. We can celebrate 1st Jan. as well as the other days

Poll No. 72 Topic: Do you believe that demanding resignations of politicians and police chiefs will solve problems like the recent bus rape incident
Start Date 29-12-2012 Close Date 31-12-2012 Total Comments 15
Answers Winner No. of Votes Winner's Justification
No Ambrose Pinto 4 To solve problems like rape, we need to educate the public on gender justice.It is only a conscious society that can put an end to rape
Yes amit 16 Allowing them to continue in their posts will set a bad precedent.

Poll No. 71 Topic: Do you believe that the statement made (and then retracted later) by the son of the President of India, about those protesting against the bus rape incident has brought disgrace to the office of the President of India
Start Date 28-12-2012 Close Date 30-01-2013 Total Comments 15
Answers Winner No. of Votes Winner's Justification
Yes ishaq shakir 7 think twice before you speak, educated persons should not regrete after the comments, so be careful and also analyse who you are?
No dhirendra 14 The son of the President of India too has a right to have his own opinion.

Poll No. 68 Topic: Do you believe that the Delhi Police’s statement that their constable Mr. Subhash Tomar died due to injuries suffered in the violence that occurred on Sunday’s protest against the bus rape incident is true.
Start Date 27-12-2012 Close Date 29-12-2012 Total Comments 13
Answers Winner No. of Votes Winner's Justification
Can\'t Say ashokrao 8 Only the autopsy report will tell the truth. Until then it would not be right to pass any comments. Let Truth Prevail.
No daivu 28 How do they know these 8 were the people who hurt the officer among the thousands in the crowd. As usual, they probably just went and arrested.
Yes Lakshmi Menon 35 Though cardiac arrest was the cause, the trigger could be the violence that he Delhi police are claiming.

Poll No. 67 Topic: Do you believe that the Italian Marines whose bail conditions were recently relaxed by the Kerala High Court to allow them to go home to Italy for Christmas, will come back to Kerala on the promised date
Start Date 26-12-2012 Close Date 28-12-2012 Total Comments 14
Answers Winner No. of Votes Winner's Justification
Yes Ambrose Pinto 6 There is no reason to believe that they would not return given the fact that the Italian government has been a part of that relaxation of bail.
No anukrity 21 Italian Govt putting diplomatic pressure , Bail conditions being modified by Indian Judiciary - No chance of them returning!!

Poll No. 66 Topic: Do you believe that Mr. Sachin Tendulkar was pressurized into retiring from One Day International (ODI) cricket.
Start Date 25-12-2012 Close Date 27-12-2012 Total Comments 20
Answers Winner No. of Votes Winner's Justification
No ashokrao 16 I believe there was no pressure, however the writing was very much evident on the wall and the decision was well timed.
Can\'t Say Jose Chandy 32 What happens behind the scenes we will not know till Sachin himself or someone else writes a book about Sachin’s cricketing years.
Yes Ambrose Pinto 34 Sachin should have known that nobody is indispensable. When the work is done & if one does not retire, what else can make the individual give up?

Poll No. 65 Topic: Do you believe that the Delhi Police Commissioner should resign in the wake of the recent bus rape incident and the subsequent police actions against the protesters
Start Date 24-12-2012 Close Date 26-12-2012 Total Comments 20
Answers Winner No. of Votes Winner's Justification
No Ambrose Pinto 18 Rape is a part of India's violent culture. Unless citizens develop a deep respect to womenhood, incidents of this kind would only increase
Yes Amitabh Guha 19 The Delhi Police Commissioner has not taken any substantial legal action, except catching the the culprits. He should educate the public via media.
Can\'t Say anukrity 23 Since people largely see Police face during such crisis, the system is under control of Govt and leaders manipulate Cops action for vested interests.

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Do you believe that the smart cities project announced by the central government will be a success.
Vigneshwaran3010432 : Yes ,,, I believe it . but the state government should work for it for getting the perfect success
Do you believe Mr. Kejriwal’s allegation that, the Modi government is being vengeful against the people and the government of Delhi, for defeating the BJP in the Delhi polls; is true.
koshyk1 : Yes
Kamlesh Shrivastva : Yes, agree with Mr Kejariwal.
Do you believe that the Prime Minister while abroad was justified in saying that earlier there were many Indians who felt ashamed to be Indians.
srinivasan rajarathinam: I entirely agree with the views of our PM , Mr. Damodara Narendra Modi .Any newcomer to US is lured by their high standard and posh living.Later on if he is a true Indian , he feels sorry that he has landed in a bhogha Bhoomi as compared to our India which is mainly a Karma Bhoomi . I agree with the views expressed by our Indian PM.
Do you believe that the way the government has dealt with the matter of offloading the Greenpeace activist Ms. Priya Pillai from a London flight is in order.

alkhaleejest: No
Do you believe that the government's proposal to remove tolls for highways and substitute it with a fuel cess and one time payments by vehicle owners is a step in the right direction
ishaq shakir: Yes
Do you believe that Prime Minister Mr. Modi has done the right thing by insisting on doing away with the bullet proof shield for his Independence day speech.
avranexports1952: No,he is now our nations head,must follow security norms,commen man understands this
Do you believe that the death penalty for the three accused in the Shakti Mills rape is in order.
Gurpreet Kukreja: Yes Its a perfect order but still have to watch they hang them or not as I think there will be no further appeal opportunity is to be given to such type of persons.
Do you believe that the Election Commission should ban candidates from simultaneously contesting elections from more than one constituency.
Tara Saxena: I think they should not fight from more than 1 constituency. It shows their lack of confidence.
Do you believe that the Supreme Court’s directive to complete the trial of MPs and MLAs within one year, needs to be extended to all citizens of India..
Ravichandra: May not be. But early completion always help the victimised
Do you believe that Mr. Kejriwals protest was a success.
VINAY sharma : no
Manish Kumar : no. it was totally drama
mbbs point : yes .ak is my hero
Do you believe that Mr. Kejriwal and the Aam Aadmi Party's ongoing protests in Delhi are in order.
sanjay kumar : No they are not doing right thing. They are making people fool. sksingh